Terrell Monger, Strategist

Terrell Monger is very passionate about ushering those that lack opportunity to a train of thought that helps them to recognize and maximize opportunities that exist; no matter how limited they may be. He believes that if any situation is to change, that change must start with the individual that recognizes the need.  He is a very proficient strategist when it comes to diagnosing and formulating strategies of success on any level. He has honed the art of developing centralized goals and direct plans of actions that can achieve maximum results.

How we progress in life ultimately comes down to how we interact with others, the impression we leave and emotional connections that are gained. We have narrowed this process down to a formula that We believe is the answer to exponential growth in every area. We believe it is the greatest formula since Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity. His discovery that Energy equals Mass multiplied by the speed of light squared revolutionized science and technology. We see that principle in efficient use of energy plants, nuclear fusion and even in the use of GPS. It is not that Einstein created it. He helped to define it in such a way that individuals could better utilize and control it. Well, the formula that we have discovered will allow us to better utilize and control our natural efforts and abilities.

The formula is SECx=I. It is a simple equation that suggests that one’s Social Level, Education Level and Communication Level will eventually dictate one’s level of influence and/or level of income. The exponential level of the “SEC” elements affect the “I” level. This is not to say that low levels of influence is because one is socially inept, lacks education or has an inability to communicate. It is saying that there is an opportunity to focus on these elements and intentionally apply them, thereby increasing the possibility of greater outcomes. To suggest that someone is incompetent based on this formula is equal to saying that energy, mass and speed of light were not present until Einstein developed his formula. The elements have always existed. This is just a means of learning to control it and maximize it.

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Terrell Monger