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Who is Terrell Monger

Author, Speaker, Strategist

Terrell Monger is a motivational speaker, strategist  and author.  Born and raised in the impoverished community of  South Memphis, Monger learned early the power of imagination. Over the years, he sharpened that skill and used it to create the future he now lives. Today he teaches others how to hone the ability to see and create the lives they want to live  through easy-to-follow  strategies and formulas that  maximize opportunity, raise personal beliefs and free people to live at their highest potential, whatever their current station in life may be.

Despite meager beginnings, Monger built an early professional career in configuration, development and system analysis. He quickly rose to executive ranks as an IT professional. Still unfulfilled, Monger began to stretch his passion beyond his profession. He soon became a highly sought after consultant for Fortune 500 companies, governmental agencies, religious institutions and non-profit organizations. Through his experience, Monger  learned that navigating different cultures, social strata and settings comes down to the ability to quickly and accurately assess an environment to communicate messages effectively.

Terrell Monger’s life mission is to  teach others to train their thoughts to recognize and maximize opportunities that exist. He believes that if any situation is to change, that changes must start with the individual that recognizes the need.  He is very proficient at diagnosing and formulating strategies of success on any level. He has honed the art of developing centralized goals and direct plans of action to achieve maximum results.

Terrell Monger believes the life you want can be created by accessing the right information and that any organization, individual or relationship is made more productive and rewarding when vision, conversation and passions align.

Decorated Career

  • 8 years in Privately traded Fortune 500 Companies
  • 9 years in City/County Government
  • 2 years in Nationally ranked Non-Profit Organizations
  • 8 years in Religious Organizations
  • 15 years in Entertainment

Professional Affiliation:

  • Project Management Professional
  • Member of the National Speakers Association
  • Member of Black MBA Association
  • Member of Memphis Chamber of Commerce

Artistic/Literary Endeavors:

  • Authored and Published 4 books
  • Written, Produced and Directed 5 Stage Plays
  • Directed Music Videos and Documentaries and Short-Films
  • Written, Produced and Directed multiple TV Commercials
  • Graphic Design and Video Editing
  • Designed Strategic Marketing Plans for entrepreneurs and privately owned companies

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